The American hero selflessly serves with honor, dedication and loyalty. At times support is needed to heal, have hope or move forward in this journey we call life.

Pro Bono (No Charge) Counseling and Testing Services for Veterans and Their Families

Let Freedom Ring - Pro Bono Counseling and Testing for Veterans and Their FamiliesWhether active duty, reservist or veteran status, many suffer from insomnia. It may be related to your military experience, difficulties returning to civilian life or everyday responsibilities leading to feeling overwhelmed. Any number of situations can be the cause. Regardless, when you are sleep deprived it is difficult to remain focused, to think clearly, and in some cases remain physically coordinated. Negative emotions come into play and eventually your health deteriorates. Some may drink alcohol or take drugs when trying to go to sleep and it leads to drinking every night and then more drinks or stronger drugs. Depending on alcohol or drugs develops into another problem and you find your life out of control. Counseling and guidance can alleviate sleep disturbance.

Deciding what to do after leaving active duty can be a daunting task. Career field choices, job interviews, starting a small business, or joining the reserves are many of the serious decisions to be made when you exit out. Life is a journey and it has many starts and stops. It is not easy to embrace the change, but there are steps to take with guidance to embark on the new adventure.

Anxiety and depression are symptoms of PTSD. Military personnel are taught to be impervious to these emotions. So, what happens when you feel lousy and think it may be one or both of these symptoms? You can’t ignore them because they will permeate everything you do. Anxiety and depression can stop the most confident, ambitious, courageous and intelligent person if left untreated. No person is indestructible. If you have been in combat or been injured while serving our country, there are invisible wounds. There are old and new emotions waiting to be addressed. You can’t do it alone and you can’t afford to allow these feelings to go unchecked or use alcohol or drugs to try and bury them. Guidance in a safe and serene environment can give you the tools to reduce and eliminate these symptoms.

Dr Catherine Delaney First Calvary Ft Hood

Dr. Catherine Delaney with the First Calvary – Ft. Hood, TX

For some who have been deployed, coming home and being thrown into everyday life with family and friends is unfamiliar. It is surreal. Nothing and nowhere is comfortable. Feelings foreign to you are disturbing. Isolation doesn’t help. Loved ones try to help but to no avail. When everything you try isn’t working, it is definitely time to seek guidance out of this dilemma. Counseling will give you a comfortable setting where you will find help, healing, and hope.

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